Lost Heroes


Part of series Ultraman
Released for consoles: Playstation Portable, Nintendo 3DS
Type: Game

Other games in series

Battle FormationUltramanPlaystation
Battle PinballUltramanSuper Nintendo
Gaia SaverUltramanSuper Nintendo
Hero Senki: Project OlympusUltramanSuper Nintendo
SD Battle Ozumo: Heisei Hero BashoUltramanNintendo 8-bit
SD The Great BattleUltramanSuper Nintendo
Super Hero OperationsUltramanPlaystation
Super Hero Operations: Diedal's AmbitionUltramanPlaystation
Tekkyu Fight! The Great Battle GaidenUltramanGame Boy / Game Boy Color
The Great Battle Full BlastUltramanPlaystation Portable
The Great Battle Gaiden 2: Matsuri da WasshoiUltramanSuper Nintendo
The Great Battle II: Last Fighter TwinUltramanSuper Nintendo
The Great Battle IIIUltramanSuper Nintendo
The Great Battle IVUltramanSuper Nintendo
The Great Battle PocketUltramanGame Boy / Game Boy Color
The Great Battle VUltramanSuper Nintendo
The Great Battle VIUltramanPlaystation
Ultraman 2: Shutsugeki Katoku Tai1987UltramanNintendo 8-bit
Ultraman: Kaiju Teikoku no Gyakushu1987UltramanNintendo 8-bit
Ultraman Club: Chikyu Dakkan Sakusen1988UltramanNintendo 8-bit
SD Hero Soukessen: Taose! Aku no Gundan1990UltramanNintendo 8-bit
Ultraman Club 2: Kaettekita Ultraman Club1990UltramanNintendo 8-bit
Ultraman Club: Teki Kaijuu o Hakken Seyo1990UltramanNintendo 8-bit
Battle Dodge Ball1991UltramanSuper Nintendo
Ultraman1991UltramanGame Boy / Game Boy Color
Ultraman Club 31991UltramanNintendo 8-bit
Ultraman: Towards the Future1991UltramanSuper Nintendo, Sega Genesis / Mega Drive
Battle Dodge Ball1992UltramanGame Boy / Game Boy Color
Battle Soccer: Field no Hasha1992UltramanSuper Nintendo
Great Battle Cyber1992UltramanNintendo 8-bit
Ultraman Club Kaijuu Dai Kessen!!1992UltramanNintendo 8-bit
Versus Hero: Road to the King Fight1992UltramanGame Boy / Game Boy Color
Battle Baseball1993UltramanNintendo 8-bit
Battle Dodge Ball II1993UltramanSuper Nintendo
Cult Master: Ultraman ni Miserarete1993UltramanGame Boy / Game Boy Color
Ultraman Club: Supokon Fight!1993UltramanNintendo 8-bit
Ultraseven1993UltramanSuper Nintendo
Battle Soccer 21994UltramanSuper Nintendo
Ultraman Ball1994UltramanGame Boy / Game Boy Color
Ultraman Chou Toushi Gekiden1994UltramanGame Boy / Game Boy Color
Battle Crusher1995UltramanGame Boy / Game Boy Color
Battle Racers1995UltramanSuper Nintendo
PD Ultraman Invader1995UltramanPlaystation
Super Iron Ball Fight!1995UltramanSuper Nintendo
Super Pachinko Taisen1995UltramanSuper Nintendo
Super Pachinko Taisen1995UltramanGame Boy / Game Boy Color
Ultra League: Moero! Soccer Daikessen!!1995UltramanSuper Nintendo
PD Ultraman Link1996UltramanSega Saturn
SD Ultra Battle: Ultraman Densetsu1996UltramanSuper Nintendo
Ultraman Zukan1996UltramanSega Saturn
Ultraman: Hikari no Kyojin Densetsu1996UltramanSega Saturn
Ultraman Zukan 21997UltramanSega Saturn
Ultraman Fighting Evolution1998UltramanPlaystation
Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: New Generations1998UltramanPlaystation
Ultraman Zearth1998UltramanPlaystation
Ultraman Zukan 31998UltramanSega Saturn
PD Ultraman Battle Collection 641999UltramanNintendo 64
Bokurato Asobou! Ultraman TV2000UltramanPlaystation
Ultraman Cosmos2001UltramanPlaystation
Ultraman Fighting Evolution 22002UltramanPlaystation 2
Charinko Hero2003UltramanGamecube
Ultraman2004UltramanPlaystation 2
Ultraman Fighting Evolution 32004UltramanPlaystation 2
Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth2005UltramanPlaystation 2
Ultraman Nexus2005UltramanPlaystation 2
Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! Ultraman Club ST2006UltramanPlaystation 2
Ultraman Fighting Evolution 02006UltramanPlaystation Portable
Pachitte Chonmage Tatsujin 12: Pachinko Ultraman2007UltramanPlaystation 2
Daikaiju Battle: Ultra Coliseum2008UltramanNintendo Wii
Kaiju Busters2009UltramanNintendo DS
Ultra Coliseum DX: Ultra Senshi Daishuketsu2010UltramanNintendo Wii
Kaiju Busters Powered2011UltramanNintendo DS
Battle Dodge Ball III2012UltramanPlaystation Portable
The Great Battle Full Blast2012UltramanPlaystation Portable
Heroes' VS2013UltramanPlaystation Portable
Ultraman All-Star Chronicle2013UltramanPlaystation Portable
Lost Heroes 22015UltramanNintendo 3DS
Kyoei Toshi2017UltramanPlaystation 4
Kyoei Toshi2017UltramanPlaystation Vita
Ultraman R/B2018UltramanNintendo Switch

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